Business Makeover


5 days to redefine your business brand, purpose & direction

Have you ever felt a little bit lost in your business?

Like you are just going through the motions and that you have some days where you may have just lost sight of your overall purpose and passion? 


 We definitely have moments like this too and we also see this more and more with the wedding pros we speak to and work with. 


Just in time for engagement season we've pulled together a free 5 day challenge.

It'll only take around 30 minutes a day and throughout the challenge we'll be taking you through the steps you will need to get laser focused on the direction your business is heading so you are ready for all of those Christmas engagements heading your way

Challenge starts 16th November.

Join our Challenge:

5 days to redefine your business brand purpose & direction


This challenge is for wedding business owners who:


  • Need direction with the brand or core message of their business

  • Need a new marketing strategy because they have diversified what they do

  • Changed their services  

  • Wish to charge higher prices 

  • Who need direction with the brand message and core values of their business 

  • Who are getting stressed not achieving their business and income goals 

  • Who want to refocus their business message ready to target new clients 

Join our Challenge:

Challenge starts 16th November.

Each day we'll be taking you through a different element of your business to gain clarity about a crucial element of your business.

You'll receive an action step each day to help you put your new found knowledge into place and you'll also get a supportive community of other like-minded people all doing the challenge too. 


There's prizes too because it's how to like to roll and it's more fun! 


The purpose of this challenge is to help you take a step back, breathe for a moment and reflect on the direction you are heading in your business!

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Katie & Roxy

Challenge starts 16th November.

Join our Challenge: