The Wedding Business Success Academy

Ready to take control of your wedding business? 

We're putting the fun in Wedmin! 

Hey, Wedpro, you're amazing. You're here because you know there must be a better way to build a thriving business. There is. It's here. And the best part it will save you time!


You might be like us. Doing 'all the things' only to spend too much time chasing cold leads? We've been there and it's no fun. 

Running a wedding business is fun and joyous when you focus on the right things rather than all the things. 

It's time to grow your business, make more money and work with your ideal clients.


The Wedding Business Success Academy will give you the tools you need to grow your business. We'll shower you with inspiration, encouragement and support.

It's time to start your journey to your profitable and exciting business. We're here to get you there! 

Are you ready to: 

Attract your ideal couples, the ones you really want to work with

Fill your wedding calendar with peak and off-season dates

Spend less on advertising because you're a social media guru

Wow your couples with your branding, proposal and communication

Stop pouring your life into your emails only to get ghosted 

Stop working 24/7 and actually have a life outside of your business

 ( Remember that beautiful family you love spending time with and are doing all of this for!)

Scale with support 

take a peek inside

Module 1:  Onboarding clients

Turn your lookers into bookers with your polished (dare we say, stylish) communication.


You'll get: 

Our tried and tested email templates (complete with answers to common objections) All written with confidence

A captivating proposal document to present your offer and packages. Destined to turn heads, your business will stand out in a crowded market. 

Your onboardng tools will build trust in your business and set you apart from others in your field. All designed to make sure your couples know that you are the wedding pro for their big day. 

Oh, and another thing. You won't need to write another standard email or create a proposal again. Saving you time and making your wedmin fun! 

Module 2: Branding your Business for Success

Now it's time to explore your branding and make sure it attracts the couples you want to work wth. You'll learn how to create consistent, on brand graphics and proposals. You'll give your business a personality and send the right messages to the outside world. Reach your perfect peeps and move the tyre kickers on. Devote your valuable time to branding for your target market and grow your bookings.

Module 3: Turning leads into clients on Social Media

Action stations! Now you're ready to find leads and convert them to bookings. No more shouting to the universe hoping someone will hear you. We'll dive into your socials and transform your presence Finally you'll know what to do on social media and why you are doing it. You may even attract a wedding influencer or two - or become one of your very own! You'll use your new found knowledge of how to do social media the right way alongside our templates to attract your kind of client, and convert them into bookings. 

Did we mention there's a whole load of bonuses too and new modules coming every month?  Here's a look at what's included: 


Templates to keep your social media on brand, it's like having a graphic designer at your fingertips, just open drag over your branding and post.

Social media calendars built for the wedding industry. We'll guide you through what to post, very single day. Saving you time and making sure you never have to stare at that screen again wondering what to post or what to say to your couples. 

Marketing planners and guides on the channels you'll want to be exploring as a wedding business who means business and webinars from our best business besties, who are on hand to teach and guide you through even the trickiest topics in business. 

Whether you're.....

A new wedding pro who wants to build a better business

Can you imagine not having to do those first few years of scrambling like the rest of us did?

The Wedding Business Success Academy will give you the tools, inspiration, encouragement and support to creating a business that makes you ecstatic every day! 

We can't wait to pop the champagne and share in your amazing results!